* 1. If you currently use Northen Lehigh's current recreational facilities, what do you use?

* 2. If you DO NOT currently use the areas recreational facilities please tell us why?

* 3. Please check all programs and additional facilities that you or members of your family would be interested in having within our areas parks:

* 4. What age groups do you feel are not presently provided sufficient recreational activities by the Borough/Township?  If you have multiple selections, please indicate your first through last choice with 1 being highest priority.

* 5. Please check which statement most accurately reflects your opinion:

* 6. Are you excited that the Borough of Slatington and Washington Township have partnered to create additional park and recreation programs and facilities for YOU?

* 7. This partnership currently budgets $3.00 per resident through tax dollars to enhance the areas park and recreation programs.  Would you consider paying more to support your parks, recreation and trail systems across Northern Lehigh?

* 8. This partnership will also complete the long awaited Northern Lehigh Community Center.  Once complete, we would like to offer the programs and services that will best benefit you and your family.  Below are some suggestions for Community Center services/activities.  Please indicate what you would like to see offered.

* 9. Feel free to provide additional parks and recreation oriented comments you feel will be helpful.

* 10. If you are interested in receiving email notices regarding upcoming park and recreation programs, please provide your email address below.

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