Technology and Literacies Based Teaching

This assessment survey is an effort to enable the team members and team leader to recognize their contributions to the collaborative creation and presentation of the Collaborative Critical Inquiry.

* 1. Your Name. Your feedback will be shared with your collaborators. If you are the leader, point person, then you should also award grades of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory with supporting comments. Each member will also grade themselves.

* 2. Describe the contributions of each member.

* 3. Describe how each member's work reflected the shared values expressed in the Community Charter: critical thinking, creativity, thoroughness, appealing presentation, and promptness . . .

* 4. Was the work (both process and product) for each member satisfactory? Members should award themselves a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and the leader/point person should identify a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory for each member (yes, including self).

* 5. What if any badges (special recognition) would you like to award to any member/leader and why? These might be good ones to consider . . . Badge for Creativity/Inventiveness, Badge for Focusing Group, Badge for Most Valuable Use of Technology, Badge for Research, Badge for Activity Design . . . Any badges you'd like to give . . .

* 6. So do you think this Assessment Survey is helpful? How might we improve it for the next CCI? Thank you!