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April can be a cruel month, but in Montpelier we celebrate National Poetry Month in a special way. We displayed 500 contemporary poems, 200 of them by children around Montpelier. They came from 77 towns and cities around Vermont and we had 66 new poets.

We’d love to hear what you think about PoemCity

Also, please check out these videos made by ORCA Media of many of the PoemCity presentations from this year, and years past. ORCA did a great job!

* 1. How did you read the PoemCity walkable anthology?

* 2. How many poems did you read?  Do you remember a favorite poem?

* 3. Did you attend a PoemCity program?

* 4. Please rate the quality of PoemCity events.

* 5. Please rate the quality of poems.

* 6. While you were in Montpelier did you eat at a restaurant or spend time shopping?

* 7. I enjoyed PoemCity.