Water Service Survey

Town of Ladoga Water Service Survey

The town is applying for a grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (IOCRA) to make improvements to the town's water utility. We are asking for your help to fill out this survey. Also if you've had problems with your water line, water quality or other projects, please write a letter describing the issues, and any expenses you've paid out of pocket and deliver to town hall. Thank you for your feedback. Contact town for assistance.

1.Please select the problems you have had with your water service over the last 3-5 years. Please limit your response to last 3-5 years.
2.Over the last 3-5 years how much have you spent to resolve any water service line issues?
3.Do you have bills, pictures or other information about water service problems? If so would you share the information with the town?
4.How often have you had problems or issues with water service over last 3-5 years?
5.Please make any comments you have about the water service in Ladoga. Please include information about the negative impact water service has had, if any?
6.Are you aware of the type of pipe your water service is made from?
7.What year was your service installed? Approximate year is fine.
8.Do you support the town seeking grant funding to make water utility improvements?
9.Do you buy bottled water for your home drinking water use, or have a water service bring large water containers? If so how often?
10.Does anyone on your household have health related issues that have been affected by Ladoga's water?