The West Lake Community Association (WLCA) in conjunction with Quinte Conservation (QC) is conducting a study of West Lake and its wetlands, see map. which are classified environmentally as a Protected Area of Importance.

The WLCA is an association of volunteers formed in May of 2020 with the Mandate:

·       To engage residents and encourage involvement to help preserve the uniqueness of the West Lake Community.  To address key issues in the areas that are of importance and concern to residents (full time and seasonal) and business operators (including agriculture) along the shores of West Lake, and act on the issues in a ’unified community voice’

Specific to this survey, WLCA’s Mandate includes:

·       Promoting the protection of the environment,

·       Promoting the circulation of information to residents and business operators along the shores of West Lake.

We do hope you will help us by taking this short survey.  The results of the survey are expected to help guide the efforts of our association and help prioritize actions to protect the natural, cultural, and social integrity of West Lake and its community.

Your individual response to the survey will be treated as confidential.  All publications of the survey data will be based on group analysis and no individual information will be released.

If you have any questions about this survey or would like to learn more about WLCA and its full mandate for serving the West Lake community, please contact Cathie Coultis, WLCA Chairperson at


Natural Edge Shoreline Naturalization Kits 
Shoreline naturalization kits are available through Quinte Conservation! Each kit includes; a free site visit & customized planting plan; 50 native plants potted trees, shrubs, and wildflowers; hemp fibre mats, mulch, & tree guards (as needed); and a Plant Care Guide, Habitat Creation Guide, and Wildflower Garden Guide. Contact for a free site visit.

Love Your Lake Program (2021) West Lake
Watershed Canada staff surveyed West Lake through the Love Your Lake Program. Every property on West Lake was assessed in 2021 from a boat following specific criteria. In the spring of 2022, landowners will be able to access their personalized and confidential shoreline property report that provides landowners with helpful information on improving the health of their shoreline and their lake!

West Lake Aquatic Invasive Vegetation Survey (View a PDF of the report) 
Quinte Conservation watershed monitoring staff were on West Lake in 2021 collecting data on the presence of non-native and invasive aquatic plant species.  Reports have been developed identifying the results of the survey, highlighting invasive species to watch for, and best management strategies for control and slowing their spread.

Question Title

* 1. What is your connection to West Lake?

Question Title

* 2. If you own, lease, or rent property in the West Lake watershed, is your property on West Lake or on a tributary draining to West Lake?

Question Title

* 5. In your opinion, how is the health of West Lake? 
Consider your thoughts on water quality, wildlife and fish populations, and the surrounding lands including forests and wetlands.

Question Title

* 6. Special places can be a specific or general location along West Lake or in its wetlands. These places have relevance to your quality of life and can provide a 'sense of place' and build strong connections to your surroundings.

This information will help us to identify special places and landscapes that need to be considered.

List the social, natural, physical or historical sites on West Lake that contribute to your quality of life. Please indicate what the site is, its location, and why it contributes to your quality of life.
* For Example- Special Place #1: Wetlands, NE corner of lake- Love to see turtles and birds

Question Title

* 7. Community Values

Values are the natural, social, physical, and economic things that you value the most. These are the reasons why you live, work, and play on West Lake.

This information will help us to understand what is important to the community.

What's important to you?

  High Importance Moderate Importance Minimal Important Not Important I Don't Know
Water Quality
Water Levels
Diversity of Wildlife and Landforms
Healthy Fish and Wildlife
Recreational Activities
Rural Landscape
Social Interaction
Commercial Properties
Historical Heritage

Question Title

* 8. Concerns or issues are those things that may impact our quality of life on West Lake and its wetlands. This information will help us to collect background information on the things that may impact the natural, social, physical, and economic environment.

Please identify the level of importance that the following concerns are to you.

  Extremely Concerned Very Concerned Minimal Concern No Concern I Don't know
Shoreline Commercial Development 
Shoreline Residential Development
Septic Systems
Shoreline Erosion
Well Water Levels
Lake Water Quality
Lake Water Levels
Lake Weed Growth
Fish Die-offs
Invasive Species
Larger/Louder Boats
Loss of Natural Shoreline
Loss of Active Farms
Stormwater Runoff
Loss of Wetlands
Water Temperature
Light Pollution

Question Title

* 9. Actions have to be reasonable, measurable, and achievable. Your answers will help us to determine actions to explore for the protection of West Lake.

Identify the top five actions you believe should be taken to preserve and enhance West Lake for future generations

Question Title

* 10. Thank you for taking the survey and providing us with your ideas and comments.  If you have any questions about the survey or the West Lake Community Association (WLCA), please contact Cathie Coultis, WLCA Chairperson at

Have we missed anything?  
If we have not included something that you feel should be highlighted, please use the following space to provide us with that input.


Question Title

* 11. Contact Information (Optional)

Your survey submission will be kept confidential, with data being summarized for review by Quinte Conservation and West Lake Community Association. However, please recognize that we will be using the contact information provided to distribute survey results. For this reason it is recommended you provide contact information so you do not miss any updates from us.

For those who will be submitting their survey results by paper submission, please mail your completed survey to WLCA:

West Lake Community Association
1368 County Road 12
Prince Edward, ON
K0K 2T0

Thank you for participating!