1. Please Read This Before You Begin

Thank you for your interest in applying to host a program on KFAI. Please answer every question as completely as possible, keeping in mind that members of the Content Advisory Committee will have multiple proposals to review.

All KFAI volunteers and community members are eligible to apply for openings in the program schedule. The Content Advisory Committee will consider all proposals submitted.

Applicants should understand that the committee has a strong overall preference for proposals from active volunteers who have completed the On-Air Certification course.

Historically, a record of KFAI volunteerism and on-air certification has proven advantageous in the competitive program selection process.

* 1. Date of Application:


* 2. Proposed title of program

* 3. Primary Host Contact Information

* 4. Additional show participants - (If you are applying for a program as a group of two or more, list the names of all participants here. Please be specific as to the role of each person listed; e.g., Jane Doe -- program host; John Henry -- program engineer; Sally Brown -- guest curator. You must also indicate whether this person is a regularly appearing on-air contributor; generally this would mean a co-host):

* 5. Are you and members of your program team currently certified to operate KFAI's on-air equipment?

* 6. If selected do you commit to fulfill the weekly playlist reporting requirements (music or talk) for your show?

* 7. Please provide a detailed description of your program.
If it is unique, explain what makes it so.

* 8. Who is the intended audience for this program?

* 9. How will you market your program to your intended listeners? How will your social networks/community connections serve to grow the listenership of your proposed program?

* 10. What special knowledge, experience or education do you have that will help you produce this program? Please include any broadcast experience you may have.

* 11. KFAI’s Mission Statement: KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice.

How does this program help fulfill KFAI's mission?
Be specific; simply quoting the phrase "it serves underserved communities" may not adequately answer this question.

* 12. What access to relevant materials do you have?
Please be specific about music collections, personal libraries, subscriptions or other resources you currently have access to and would utilize on your show.

* 13. Give a detailed description of a typical show.
• If you are proposing a music show, make a sample playlist of artists/selections.
• If you are proposing a talk, public affairs, or arts program, list people you may interview, topics you might discuss, and sources of information you might use.
• List any ideas you have for special programs, recurring features, etc.

* 14. Please describe your current volunteer duties at KFAI. How many hours do you volunteer per month?