Fairbanks Ranch Dog Park

There has been interest expressed from the community to establish a fenced area within Fairbanks Ranch for a Dog Park. There are currently two different locations being considered which are marked with temporary story poles. Please see the website www.fairbanksranch.org (under the News section) to see pictures and to read more information. Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey. The Board really appreciates your feedback!

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Are you interested in having a dog park at Fairbanks Ranch?

* 3. There are currently two proposed locations for the dog park. Please indicate which location you think would be best. Details and images of the locations can be found on www.fairbanksranch.org.

* 4. The current proposed size for the dog park is 60' x 80' with no division of small and large sized dogs. Does this seem sufficient?

* 5. Do you play tennis on the Fairbanks Ranch courts?

* 6. Do you ride on the Fairbanks Ranch riding trails?

* 7. Below is a list of some proposed rules for the dog park. Do you think any additional rules should be included?

1. By entering this area you agree to hold the Fairbanks Ranch Association harmless for any injury to you or        
    your pet. All users must accept responsibility for all actions of your pets.
2. All homeowners must clean up after their pets.
3. Homeowners must remain in the dog park with their pets at all times.
4. Small children are not allowed in the dog park area.
5. Dogs who display aggressive behavior or bark excessively must be removed from the dog park.
6. No smoking is allowed inside the dog park.
7. All trash must be place in the trash container.
8. For any violations call FRA security at 858-756-5050.

* 8. Dog owners will be responsible for ensuring that all rules are enforced. Do you believe any additional supervision would be needed?

* 9. Maintenance of a new amenity, such as the dog park, would need to be included in the Association budget. If this would cause an increase of HOA assessment dues, would you be in support of adding the dog park?

* 10. Please provide any other comments you may have about adding a dog park to Fairbanks Ranch.