Celosia Boreas Climbing Helmet

Outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, skiers, and climbers use many electronic devices when on expeditions. These devices rely on electric power sources that must be replaced or recharged regularly. Necessary equipment such as headlights, GPS devices, radio communication, and cameras are commonly used electronic devices needed while on a hike. Portable, inexhaustible sources of energy are critical for recharging the necessary devices and overall safety while on the mountain.

Step by step: The user will put the helmet on and proceed to climb. As the user does work and begins to produce body heat; which a vast majority leaves by the head, will heat up the inside plates of the peltier devices. The cold air on the outside of the helmet will create the temperature differential causing heat to flow from inside the helmet through the peltier device and into the cold environment. This flow of heat will produce electricity that will then travel through a cable and into the users backpack to a charging device that can recharge a few batteries at a time.

* 1. What is your level of climbing experience?

* 2. Would a device to recharge batteries be an asset in the backcountry?

* 3. Would a cord running from the back of your helmet to your backpack be annoying?

* 4. What devices do you use in the backcountry?

* 5. What do you like about our design?

* 6. What drawbacks could you see to our design?

* 7. What improvement could be made to our design?

* 8. Would you add this helmet to your gear list?