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Wobwire.com, the newswire for women-owned business, wants to know about YOUR business. Why should you take the time to tell us? Here are four great reasons:

1. PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS - We are compiling information on women-owned businesses that will be shared with the media. If you provide your contact information, we will share it (with your approval) if requested by editors, reporters or bloggers who my be interested in hearing from you directly.

2. SHARE YOUR STORY, HELP OTHER WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS: Your story will help paint a picture of America's woman business owner. How did you get your idea for your product or service? How did you fund your business startup? What was your smartest move and your biggest mistake? Your business experience will help other women who are about to launch their great idea. We'll also share the survey results with you.

3. YOUR BUSINESS MAY BE FEATURED IN OUR BOOK: Wobwire.com is seeking women-owned businesses to feature in a new book that will inspire other women. If you are selected, your story, your product and service, and your website will all be included.

4. 50% OFF WOBWIRE.COM: As a thank you for sharing your story, you will receive a special coupon code that will enable you to send your news release to the media through Wobwire.com, the newswire for women-owned business, at a 50% discount. Did you just land a big client, rebrand, expand, or win an award? Tell the world! Submit your news release to us and we'll send it to nearly 5,000 editors, journalists, radio and TV producers and bloggers, via Wobwire.com.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story!

Kimberly A. Porrazzo
President, Wobwire.com