Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. We are interested in your responses but also what you think of each question. After each question on the survey, you will see "feedback." When answering the feedback part of each question, please put yourself in "the shoes" of an older adult who may not have easy access to nutritious and affordable food. If you can just give us a sentence or two on what you think about the question (for example, if you think it is worded correctly, if it is a question that you understand, or if it is a confusing question, etc.). If you don't have anything to say about the quality of the question, feel free to leave the feedback part of the question blank.

Just to reiterate, we are asking you to do two things:
1) answer each question from your own perspective;
2) give us feedback on what you think of each question, keeping in mind that many older adults who will be completing this survey may have food insecurity issues.

Thank you again for your time! This survey is helping us understand food insecurity issues of older adults across the country. You are helping us find the right questions to ask!

GMU Social Work Seniors, 2014