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Over the years, Adhearsion has constantly been redefined in order to meet the needs and demands of it's users. For the next generation of Adhearsion, we want to include the developer’s perspective as an active voice in the design of the platform.

We would like to establish more information about how developers are using Adhearsion and this survey is part of that effort. Let us know:
• what features are being used currently
• how Adhearsion fits into application(s)
• and what is needed from Adhearsion in the future.
The survey will take around 10 minutes and will help us understand how we can improve Adhearsion to better meet your needs.

This survey will close on Friday, February 28th with the results published at adhearsion.com and distributed to the mailing list on Monday, March 10th. Please feel free to send this survey link to others using Adhearsion users to ensure that we have the most complete benchmark for Adhearsion.