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Last year, McLean Hospital treated over 600 undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students from New England, the United States and Canada. You are receiving this survey because at least one of those students attended your college or university. In order to better serve students from your institution, please take a few minutes to complete our survey. Your responses will be used for our McLean Hospital College Database by clinicians who care for students from your institution. Your unique input and expertise in college student mental health will help us to provide optimal and more coordinated care when working with your students in the future. Your responses will not be shared with other institutions.
-The McLean College Mental Health Program

* 1. What is the name of your institution?

* 2. Where is your school located?

* 3. What is your student enrollment?

* 4. How would you best describe your institution?

* 5. What degrees do you grant in your school or program? (Please check all that apply.)

* 6. Is your college self insured (meaning that the college can supplement inpatient treatment costs if necessary)?

* 7. Does your college have mandatory student insurance?

* 8. Does your college offer tuition insurance?


* 9. If your student grants us permission to contact an administrator or mental health professional at your college, what is the name, title and department of the best person to contact?

* 10. If your student does NOT provide consent for us to contact you, we can best facilitate/support their return to campus by encouraging them to contact:


* 11. Does your college have a preferred protocol for working with McLean when an enrolled student has been hospitalized? If so, please describe:

* 12. Does your college have the following policies? (Please check all that apply.)


* 13. Please indicate which of the following resources you offer for students: (Please check all that apply.)

* 14. Please indicate potential barriers (perceived and real) your students might encounter when attempting to access campus mental health resources: (Please check all that apply.)

* 15. Please share ANY additional information about your campus resources or current climate regarding mental health that might assist us in working with your students (e.g., recent completed suicides, anti-help seeking bias among students, awareness campaign, trainings, etc.):


* 16. Please provide your contact information here:

* 17. Please provide the contact information for others who are knowledgeable about mental health services and related policies and procedures at your institution:

* 18. Is there anything else you'd like us to know at this time?

* 19. If you are interested in learning more about the following McLean college mental health resources, please indicate below and information will be sent to you:

Thank you for completing this survey and helping us to provide the best care possible for your students. For more information regarding McLean's College Mental Health Program please visit www.mcleancollegementalhealth.org or contact Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, Ph.D. (Director) at spinder-amaker@mclean.harvard.edu.
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