Trimble County Return to School Survey

We are currently gearing up for the 2020-2021 school year and we need to hear from our families!!! It is challenging to provide definitive information with the ever-changing recommendations from KDE and the CDC, but we are excited about resuming school and are ready to proceed based on the information we have thus far.

While health and safety considerations are important to us, we also understand and believe that social interaction and in-person instruction are essential to our children’s emotional well-being, as well as their educational growth and advancement. Trimble County Schools will implement interventions and strategies that, when applied consistently, work in combination to reduce the overall risk and spread of infection. No single precaution, or set of precautions, will completely remove COVID-19 or completely prevent its transmission. However, by implementing some new practices and procedures, the Trimble County School District will strive to provide a safe and productive educational environment while operating under a traditional school model and traditional calendar.  We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our students, both physically and emotionally, and we continue to adhere to the recommendations of the Kentucky Department of Education, local health professionals and the feedback from our families and community.

At this time, we are making plans to start school in August, 2020.  We are still working out the precise details of how in-person school will look when we resume.  We recognize that some families will not feel comfortable sending their child to school and we will offer Raider Virtual Academy for any family that isn't comfortable with their child receiving "in person" instruction at school.  These students will be provided their education at home, via distance learning and/or online. Those that choose this opportunity are still enrolled as Trimble Co. students and are able to take part in any clubs, sports, or activities which you feel comfortable.  This opportunity is open to any existing or new Trimble Co. student, either in district, or out of district under the qualifications of our Non-Resident District agreement. 

To move forward with our planning, it is necessary to gather data on the number of students that will be attending school - in person classes and the number of students that will need distance learning. Please complete the survey to assist us with moving forward.  Thanks so much! #wearetc

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