Welcome to the Story City Survey!

Thank you so much for doing a Story City adventure. The purpose of this survey is to evaluate whether we are fulfilling our mission of providing engaging and entertaining local adventures. The survey also helps us provide our funding bodies with your thoughts on the benefits or improvements needed on the project. In this manner we hope to improve our offerings for future stories created by local artists around the world!

The answers you give will be anonymous. We will only be collecting your names and emails at the end of the survey for the sole purpose of drawing the prize (a $50 voucher to either Amazon/iTunes/Kobo) and these names will not be associated with your survey responses. Entry into the prize draw is optional.

This survey should take between 10-20mins to complete.

You guys are awesome. Let’s do this.

Question Title

* 1. Where did you do your adventure? Depending on how many people do this survey, this question may turn things into a popularity contest. In which case we will crown the states with… tiaras?

Question Title

* 2. How many people did you do your adventure with? Three or more and you become a modern day gang…

Question Title

* 3. What age range are you? Hey now, I know the compulsion to lie is strong, but we make no judgements here. We will take your age concerns and turn them into a pie chart that you can eat! That’s how pie charts work, right?

Question Title

* 4. Do you identify as any of the following? Unfortunately you cannot identify as Jedi in this survey.

  Yes No
A local in the adventure area
A tourist (domestic) to the adventure area
A tourist (international) to the adventure area
A parent
A person with visual disability
A person with hearing disability
Person from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
Young person aged 12-25 years
Senior aged 55 years or over
A parent doing this with family
A mushroom