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LMH and the City of Toledo have received a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to create a plan to revitalize the Junction Neighborhood and improve the lives of residents.  Improving the lives of McClinton Nunn residents is a particular focus of the plan.  In order to plan for this, we must first understand what the needs of McClinton Nunn residents are.
A key tool to help us understand the needs of McClinton Nunn residents is this comprehensive Resident Needs Assessment Survey.  By completing this survey, you will help us better understand neighborhood conditions and the needs of you and your neighbors.  Your answers will provide important information on your needs related to housing, safety, neighborhood facilities/services, education, employment, transportation, health, job training, youth programming, and educational services.  We need all residents to participate in completing the survey so that we have a full range of input. 
We are asking to include your name on the list of people who agree to take the survey, but your name will not be linked to the survey answers that you provide.  This survey is designed specifically for residents of McClinton Nunn, which will be referred to generally as “McClinton Nunn”.  The survey is organized into the following topics:
1.       Transportation/Mobility
2.       Housing & Replacement Housing
3.       Resident Services
4.       Temporary Relocation
5.       Health
6.       Employment & Job Training
7.       Education

Make sure to go to the end of the survey to provide your information in order to be sent a gift card! 
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