* 1. Are you male or female?

* 2. Which age range do you fall into?

* 3. Brief synopsis of script:
Basically a dog, named Buddy, grows with a loving happy family since being a pup. That is until the father of the family, Hunter, loses his job due to redundancy falling into a deep depression, losing his mind to drugs and alcohol. He takes his frustrations of being stuck in a rut out on his family and dog and they endure a living hell, day in day out. Buddy watches the goings on but since he is a dog he is unable to tell anyone to seek help. So, one day he escapes. He is seen by a neighbour looking beaten and authorities are alerted – saving the family.
Do you think this is a good idea?

* 4. Why?

* 5. Do you think the story would be told best in the point of view of the dog or narrated by the little boy of the family (AKA Buddy’s best friend)?

* 6. Do you think this story would be more interesting if the Dad was also having an affair but only Buddy (the dog) sees this going on? This would add to the message that dogs see and hear more than we do.

* 7. Which title do you think best suits this script?

* 8. Do you think there is anything I could add to or change about my script ideas?

* 9. If yes, then what?