1. Course Challenge Series

The following questions on this page are primarily associated with the Course Challenge Series. By providing your responses to the questions below you're better enabling the success of the CCS.

* 1. How many CCS events did you participate in last year?

* 2. Did you attend the CCS Awards Banquet last year?

* 3. If you participated in the CCS events last year, what division did you primarily compete in?

* 4. What is your opinion on reinstating the overall award for the Recreational Division?

* 5. What is your opinion on introducing a rule requiring players who finished in the top 3 overall for the year in either the men's recreational or advanced divisions, moving up to the next highest division the following year?

* 6. Did you volunteer as a CCS Event TD last year?

* 7. Would you be interested in being a CCS Event TD or assistant TD this year?

* 8. In your opinion, which of the following should be the objective(s) of the CCS?

* 9. Do you have any recommendations for improving the CCS? If yes, please share.