As part of our search for a new pastor, we would like information about YOU!
Knowing more about our congregation helps us to find the best candidates for our new Pastor.

* 1. Below is the Vision/Mission of Gateway; Please answer YES or NO if you agree, understand, and embrace our vision

"Gateway Community Church’s mission is to passionately produce sacrificial servants seeking to know Christ and to make Him known, to win disciples for His glory and help develop them into disciple makers."

* 2. Do you feel spiritually fed by attending Gateway Community Church?

* 3. Mark up to three of the following that influenced you to join/attend this church

* 4. How well does our style of music in our worship service help you sense the presence of God?

* 5. How would you rate your opportunity to be involved with the church?

* 6. Please state any opportunities where you would like to be involved, but there is not currently an offering.

* 7. What do you believe are the 3 most important traits for our next Senior Pastor?

* 8. What do you believe is the most important thing the elders need to be focusing on in this transition?

* 9. Are you consistently giving financially to the ministry of Gateway?

* 10. Do our current marketing materials (signs, advertisements, hand-outs, images...) reflect the culture of our church?