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Dear Family,

Our district is evaluating the HAL program in order to assess its strengths and weaknesses, and we need your input. Please answer completely and honestly. Thank you for your continued efforts to make our gifted education program a success and for taking the time to help us with this evaluation. We will get back to you with a summary of the results and recommendations.

* 1. My child's participation in the program has been a worthwhile experience.

* 2. The program contributed to my child's academic growth.

* 3. My child showed an increased interest in school as a result of participation in the program.

* 4. My child benefited from the opportunity to interact with student who have similar abilities.

* 5. My child's relationships with students in the regular classroom suffered as a result of being in the program.

* 6. The time spent out of the regular classroom for participation in the the program was worth it.

* 7. My child's regular classroom teacher(s) supported my child's participation in the program.

* 8. My child missed too much of his/her regular schoolwork during the time spent in the program.

* 9. The extra program work, beyond that in the regular classroom, overburdened my child.

* 10. Overall, the program activities were more of a challenge to my child than those in the regular classroom.

* 11. Without this program, my child's classroom teacher would probably have created activities that would have sufficiently challenged and motivated my child.

* 12. There has been sufficient communication between the program teacher and myself.

* 13. The identification process to select student for the program is appropriate and fair.

* 14. My child benefited from the discussion groups with the counselors and HAL teacher.

* 15. My child's teacher received sufficient staff development in the area of differentiation and gifted education.

* 16. The actual time allotted for this program was

* 17. My child's feeling about being in the program can best be described as

* 18. What aspects of the program have been most beneficial to your child?

* 19. What suggestions do you have for improving the program?

* 20. Additional comments