* 1. Into which age bracket do you fit?

* 2. How many days would you like to spend on a heritage tour?

* 3. How would you be likely to travel?

* 4. What standard of accommodation would you like whilst on holiday?

* 5. How long would you like to spend in each place of accommodation?

* 6. Which of the following meal options would you like included in the overall price?

* 7. Would you be interested in doing any of the following during any free time?

  No thanks Maybe Yes please!
Optional lectures or talks
Theatre trips
Additional museums/galleries/heritage sites
Other sight seeing
Countryside walks
Relax and do as little as possible

* 8. How easy do you find the following?

  No problems Okay Don't mind Prefer not to I can't
Climbing flights of stairs
Walking for long periods (over an hour)
Walking on uneven terrain/steps
Walking on rough terrain
Walking short distances

* 9. Please use this space to tell us anything else that would make a great tour for you.

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