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* 1. Currently, Indiana law requires the school year be 180 days. How do you feel about the length of the school year?

* 2. Do you prefer the traditional school calendar (the calendar with a long summer vacation and traditional holiday vacations) or do you prefer the year round calendar design (calendar in which students attend classes for 9 weeks and then have a two - three week vacation with a six week summer break)?

* 3. Currently school districts are required to make up all school days canceled for inclement weather. Do you support this requirement?

* 4. Under the many school start date legislative proposals filed over the past several years year round schools are not prohibited. All schools would simply have to begin the school year at the same time, but would be welcome to configure the calendar based on the wants of the community. If a district opted to have a year round school calendar they would simply have to begin the first term on or after the state required start date. Would you support this proposal?

* 5. Would you support legislation requiring all students who do not make adequate yearly progress on the ISTEP to attend summer school? The same consequences for truancy would apply as during the normal school year.

* 6. Please check all that apply.