Silai Cafe  

This survey will help shape how we develop the centre cafe.   It is potentially a great resource and with your help we can all make sure we get what will work best.   If you have other ideas not covered by this survey please let me know. 

* 1. Which of the following best sums up the way you currently use Silai Cafe? (You can tick more than one option)

* 2. What food and drink would you like to see on the Silai Cafe menu?

* 3. Please list items you would especially like to see served in the Silai Cafe

* 4. Please list all the items you don't think are appropriate to have on the Silai Cafe menu

* 5. In your opinion what can be done to improve the Silai Cafe

  1 - Disagree strongly 2 - Disagree 3 - Neither agree or disagree 4 - Agree 5 - Agree strongly
Regular opening times
New and varied menu
Become a 'niche' or specialist cafe
Run more functions
Get a Bring Your Own licence
A cheaper menu
Better signage/marketing
Increased opening hours

* 6. Please list any other ideas you have about the Silai Cafe and how you woudl like to see it work: