This survey will take 5-10 min to complete.

We've made changes to the interactive map on our website. We'd like your feedback to help us plan further changes that make the map more useful for planning outdoor activities.

* 1. What page did you access this survey from?

* 2. Briefly describe what you were using the map for, e.g. find huts for an overnight tramp from Christchurch, find campsites near Auckland.

* 3. How useful was the map?

* 4. How easy or difficult was the map to use?

* 5. What device were you using the map on?

* 6. What did you like about the map?

* 7. What didn't you like about the map?

* 8. What would have made the map better?

* 9. Earn $100 Prezzy card!

We're looking for people to provide further feedback in a one-on-one session, online or in person (at the DOC office in Wellington). Sessions will last about an hour and can be arranged at a time convenient to you. If you're selected we'll give you a $100 Prezzy card. If you're interested, answer questions 9-14:


* 10. Email address:

* 11. How would you like to participate?

* 12. How often do you use the DOC website to plan outdoor activities?

* 13. What outdoor activities do you use the DOC website to plan?

* 14. What country do you live in?

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