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* Required Field

* 1. Name / Email Address / Telephone #

* 2. Your approximate Trailing 12-month (T-12) revenue

* 3. How did you obtain your Asset Under Management (AUM)?

* 4. What’s your current Travel & Expense (T&E) allowance including marketing?

* 5. What wish list item(s) would a firm need to provide you to help you to move?

* 6. If you could change a few things to help your business get to the next level, what would they be?

* 7. How long do you plan to work? (consider the $ amount you will need when you leave the industry)

* 8. What do you envision for your future / legacy?

* 9. Describe the work environment or culture in which you are most productive and happy.

* 10. What hesitations do you have to changing firms?