About This Survey

This self-assessment survey will identify your strengths and needed improvement areas related to getting your next job. 

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

To avoid survey fatigue, you may want complete the survey in two or three sessions. You can do a part of the survey and come back to where you left off just by clicking on the survey link you were provided.

The responses to this survey are used to customize the coaching process shown below. This coaching process ensures all the key success factors are addressed that enable clients to get the job they want faster.


Get More Focused
- On the right industry, company profile, job situation that meets all your success criteria

Get More Impressive
– In your resume, LinkedIn Profile, elevator speech delivery

Get More Job Leads
– From effective job alerts, LinkedIn use and contacts

Get More Interviews
– By applying properly online and also having your resume served up

Do Interviews Well
– By doing thorough preparation and using strong interviewing skills

Get The Right Job Offer
– By negotiating for more while keeping relationships positive

I know this survey will be helpful for you and foster your success.

Neil Love
Career Transition Coach

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