The questions show if flaws in food support could explain why you're struggling and what to do next

These questions are designed to help you evaluate for yourself whether your support for recovery from overeating is helping you or actually harming you.
Think about putting these questions to your support provider.  What would they say about your program?
Are gaps in your support actually decreasing your chances of getting control over food?
You will find sections on the:
  • Scientific Basis of the Program
  • Meal Plans and Abstinence
  • Lapse Management
  • Meeting Structure
  • Leadership and Resources

Answer each question by selecting the description that more closely meets the support that you're evaluating.

The survey gives your program one point for each thing it did right. The lower the score, the weaker the program.

When you finished the survey, you'll have a comprehensive list of the reasons your program might not or did not work for you. As you go through the questions, you'll see a Note on each flawed approach with an explanation as to why the approach is mistaken or leaves a gap in crucial training.
You'll be ready to decide whether your past experiences with support could ever have worked or if the support was too flawed to help you. Based on your answers, the conclusion may be that past programs could never have worked and therefore, you should try  a more appropriate approach.

At the end of your survey, you'll be able to learn more about a science-based program that was designed specifically for recovery from addiction to processed foods.

You're on your way!!!

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* 2. What kind of program, service, or health provider are you evaluating?
Was it for weight-loss, eating disorder, fitness, or food addiction?