Your Input on What Should Go Into the Park

We are going after funding for the Canada 150 Celebrations to do some upgrades to the Shubie River Park - we have a beautiful dock on the river - picnic pavilion - event stage - ball diamond - play ground - wading pool... Now we would like your input on some new ideas for the future.

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* 1. We would like to upgrade the Kids Playground facilities - some new features - natural playground

  Not interested at all Some interest but not priority Interested in this piece Support this effort would be great Very supportive - this is a priority
You are required to choose one

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* 2. Splash Pad + Maintain the Pool - small water play area next to the wading pool

  Not interested at all Some interest but not a priority Some interest in these items Support these facilities - would be great Support fully - this is a priority for me
Choose one of the following that shows the priority for you

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* 3. A Community Garden - Area - next to the second ball field

  No interest in this project Not sure it would get used - not for me Interesting idea - wonder if it would get used This is a great idea - I am sure it would get used This is a great idea and I would use it
Choose which one best represents your interest and participation in this project

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* 4. Walking / Jogging Trails - a nice area by the river where people could walk laps around the park

  No interest in the trail Not sure anyone would use it Would be a nice option for both locals and visitors This would be good to help promote a healthy community This would be great - I would use it and I know many others that would
Choose the rating that best represents your feeling for this

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* 5. How should we pay for maintenance of our park

  Have Volunteers do the mainenance Have Volunteers do the maintenance and I will help Apply for student grants and hire it done Ask the Municipality to maintain the park - add a small amount to our taxes Ask Municipality to maintain the park as part of recreation costs
Choose one or two items that would be your choice

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* 6. A Skate Board Park - small park for the kids to enjoy

  No interest at all - would not like to see one Not of interest to me Would be nice to have - not sure if we have enough kids This was be a great feature for our young people This would be great - my family would use it for sure
Choose one of the following that best describes your interest in a Skate Park

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* 7. An off leash Dog Park

  No Interest - there are lots of places for dogs now Don't think this is needed - people walk their dogs on existing trails There may be some interest for this - not my family This would be great to have - would be well used This is a very good idea - my family would definately use it
Choose the one that best describes your interset in this project