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Answer the  Player Survey and WIN $10 worth of items in [STAD/Fairytail/TGDW]!

We are giving away in-game items worth $10 to players who complete the survey. Just complete the survey and follow the rules below.

1. Survey runs from Jan. 29th to Feb. 9th, 2018.
2. Complete the survey.
3. The prize code will be sent to you by in game mail box, please keep the information you fill is correct. 
4. 15 random players will win the rewards.

* 1. Game Playing (STAD/Fairytail/TGDW)

* 2. Your In-game Name

* 3. Server No. (If you are in FB server, use FB+server no.)

* 4. Which age range do you fit into?

* 5. Please specify your gender.

* 6. Where are you located?

* 7. (Only applicable to STAD) When did you start playing STAD?

* 8. Where did you first learn about [STAD/Fairytail/TGDW]?

* 9. Have you purchased any in-game virtual items and/or value added service in [[STAD/Fairytail/TGDW]]?

* 10. How much per month do you spend on average on this [[STAD/Fairytail/TGDW] game?