This year’s Conference Questions survey is structured as follows:

Meeting details and confirmation
Contact information (optional)
Conference Questions 2024

You should also have received a PDF copy of the survey so that the questions can be easily reviewed and printed as necessary to support group discussion (this includes associated literature i.e. everything all in one place).

Please ensure all responses are with us by 04/02/2024 so that they can be collated, discussed at Intergroup and then presented to the Regional Assembly.

Please note that you cannot leave and resume the survey where you left off. You can only review and edit responses during your current 'session'. If you leave or have left the survey prematurely simply re-enter meeting and contact details, before completing any new responses or additions i.e. there is no need to re-enter previous responses.

If you have any problems using this survey, please email regionreps@aasouthmidlands.org.uk 

Yours in fellowship

Ian, Craig and John
Intergroup Representatives