1. JBoss Java EE 6 Certification Survey

This survey is not an official survey of JBoss or RedHat. This survey is simply a way I came up with to collect the thoughts of the JBoss community on the importance of Java EE 6 certification of JBoss. The results of this survey will be posted in the JBoss user forum to help continue the discussion of how the community feels about Java EE 6 certification.

Stuart Smith

* 1. On a scale of 1-5 how important are the following features/qualities of JBoss

  Not at all important Somewhat important Fairly important Very important Extremely important
Full Java EE 6 Certification
Java EE 6 Web Profile Certification
Ease of administration

* 2. JBoss Application Server 6.0 GA, the open-source, unsupported version, was recently released but is not compliant with the full Java EE 6 profile, just the Java EE 6 Web Profile. Are you surprised that JBoss AS 6.0 doesn't support the full Java EE 6 profile?

* 3. If certifying the full Java EE 6 profile was added as a priority for JBoss AS but would add to the time when the version certified for the full Java EE 6 profile was released how long would you be willing to wait for this certification?

* 4. If adding certification for the full Java EE 6 profile were done how would you prefer to see this certification added? (JBoss AS is the unsupported version, JBoss EAP is the supported platform)

* 5. If certification for the full Java EE 6 profile is not added to JBoss Application Server or the JBoss EAP supported platform, how likely would you be to switch to another application server that does provide certification of the full Java EE 6 profile?

* 6. Are you or your organization/company a paying subscriber to the RedHat supported JBoss Enterprise Application Platform or one of the other JBoss platforms?