Community Vaccine Clinics

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* 1. Evaluate the following statements.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Disagree Nor Agree Agree Strongly Agree
My overall experiencve was good and I would recommend Community Vaccine Clinics to my friends.
I test my pets for heartworm annually
My pet is on heartworm prevention every month
My pet is on flea prevention every month
I travel with my pet
My pet has other health issues
The clinic began on time
The customer service professional was curteous and helpful
The information I received was clear and easy to understand
The kiosk (ipad) was easy to use
I understood the services that were available for my pet
My wait time was reasonable
The clinic time and location was convenient for me
I would travel further to use this service
The products offered fit my pets needs
The Veterinarian was helpful and explained everything to me
The team over all was knowledgable and fully answered my questions
The inside of the clinic was clean and exceeded my expectations
I feel that $100 would be a reasonable cost for a CBC/Chemistry profile in a mobile clinic setting
I would like to have a full anesthetic dental cleaning performed on my pet in a mobile setting
The check-out process was timely and efficient 
My charges were correct
All my records were emailed to me
COMMUNITY VACCINE CLINICS 2951 34th St S., St Petersburg, FL 33711 727-798-VETS(8387)