A survey for high school students about career planning

* 1. HOW DO YOU FEEL when people ask you about your career plans? Do you feel confident, worried, ready for the future, or not-so-ready? DID YOU KNOW that many successful adults did not know when they were in high school that they would be in their current careers? Of course, many people chose a career path early on, studied for a particular career, and have enjoyed that career path all along. But for many people, careers evolve over time, as one career opportunity leads to another, and as they continually learn new skills and build their careers.

THIS SURVEY asks about your current career plans -- with the assurance that it is fine if your career plans are continuing to evolve!!

Check all that apply -- how do you feel about career planning?

* 2. Do you know yet what career areas you are interested in?

* 3. If you can, please list one or more career areas that might interest you.

* 4. What do you plan to do after high school? (Or if you are already out of high school, what are you currently doing?)

* 5. Which of the following have you done? Check as many as apply.

* 6. How would you rate your strength in the following career skills?

  5 = Very strong 4 3 = In-between 2 1 = Not yet strong
Communicating verbally
Communicating in writing
Working with people
Creative thinking
Logical thinking
Working with data and numbers
Working with tools and equipment
Managing timelines and projects
Dressing appropriately for a workplace
Being on time for work or meetings
Having good attendance
Understanding workplace safety rules
Being motivated and taking initiative

* 7. What are the most helpful things that your school or program currently does to help students learn about careers? And what do you think your school or program should do (or do more of) to help students learn about careers?

* 8. If you have had a job, internship, or volunteer position, what do you think you learned from your experience? Check as many as apply.

* 9. What is your current grade or school status? (Or if this is summertime, what grade are you entering next fall?)

* 10. Where did you learn about this survey? Check as many as apply

Thank you for taking this survey! You can read more about careers and career development at http://skillslibrary.com and you can see links to a summary of survey responses so far.