The Regional Transit Vision for the Charlottesville Area is a collaborative effort to evaluate transit service in Charlottesville and the surrounding region and to establish a clear long-term vision for efficient, equitable and effective transit service in the region. The Regional Transit Vision will guide investments in transit for the next 10-20 years.

The study team has completed a Land Use and Transit Propensity Analysis, asked the public about goals and priorities for transit investment, and held stakeholder worksessions to refine what a new transit vision for the region means. A summary of the analysis and input from the Listen phase is available at the project website.

The study team has now prepared two concepts of a future transit network for the region and want your input on:
  • An Unconstrained Vision for the region that imagines a transit network that helps achieve the region's economic development, land use, climate, environmental, and other goals. This network was designed without a limit on the budget to spend on transit.
  • A Constrained Vision that imagines an expanded transit network within the budget constraints of a regional funding approach.
This survey is for everyone who lives, works, or visits this region. We will introduce you to these concepts and their outcomes and ask you how well they meet community goals and priorities. Even if you are not a current transit rider, better transit service in the future might make transit a better option for you, your family, your colleagues, or neighbors. Your answers will help guide the priorities for better transit in the region.

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