We need your help in refining our understanding of how your company views the Boomi Administrator role. Our intent is supplement our Production Administrator Certification with an Operations Administrator Certification. We appreciate your feedback and your help as you answer the questions below.

* 1. What is your title?

* 2. How long have you been an Administrator on Boomi projects?

* 3. Please check run-time(s) you are using or plan to use in the near future

* 4. If using a local run-time, which OS environments does your company use?

* 5. Please identify the relevance of the following subjects to your role as Boomi Administrator

  Pertains to my role Does not pertain to my role but Interested in learning more Does not pertain to my role
Install runtime(s)
Manage runtime(s)
Configure runtime(s)
Test process(es)
Process Reporting
Boomi Assure
Process Library
Integration Packs
Logs files
Custom Scripting
Stop/Start/Restart Atom via UI
Stop/Start/Restart Atom via Services
Installed Libraries
Platform API
Shared Web Services
Metrics Comparison
JMX Hooks
Account Groups

* 6. Is there anything about Boomi Administrator role that will help us design training to support you?

* 7. If you are willing to continue this discussion on the Operations Administrator role, please enter your email address below.