Ohio Fostering Connections is a coalition of Ohio foster youth advocates whose mission is to organize Ohio’s efforts to extend supports to foster youth through age 21.

Each year, 1,000 Ohio youth “age out” of foster care at age 18 without being adopted or reunited with their families. Young adults without the safety net of a supportive family are at greater risk of homelessness, unemployment, pregnancy, reliance on public assistance and even human trafficking.

Young adults who have aged out of foster care need a safety net of supports to help them avoid these risks, and to ensure their basic needs are met, as they pursue training, higher education and careers. Research tells us that youth who have participated in a program of extended services and support are more likely to avoid these pitfalls.

Congress, through the Fostering Connections Act, has provided states with the option to extend and expand services and supports to youth age 18 to age 21. Ohio has the opportunity to join the 26 states and DC that have already implemented the Fostering Connections program or are planning to do so.

We would like to add your name to our list of endorsing partners. If you agree with the mission and goals of Ohio Fostering Connections and want to see these vulnerable youth given access to these extended services and supports, please complete the form below.

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