General Information

Solebury Township is committed to providing excellent service to our customers and to ensuring the permitting process is effective and efficient. If you have been involved in obtaining a permit for a residential project in Solebury Township or had interaction with the Solebury Township permitting department since 2015, we would like your feedback. Your responses are strictly confidential and will help us to improve the permitting process.

Please take this survey for a specific project only. If you have feedback for more than one project, please complete a separate survey for each project.

* 1. Considering all aspects of your interactions with Solebury Township for this project, please rate your overall experience:

* 2. Please provide any suggestions for how we can improve the permitting process. Please be as specific as possible.

* 3. Type of project (select all that apply):

* 4. For this project, I am the (select all that apply):