The City is developing an Environmental Master Plan to guide and improve environmental programs and services. Your input is needed to create this plan.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. All responses are anonymous and confidential.

* 1. What is your impression of Fort Worth's environment (air quality, water quality)?

* 2. Based on your impression of the City of Fort Worth's environmental efforts, how  important are each of these factors?

  Extremely important Very important Moderately important Slightly important Not at all important
Air quality
Water quality
Land and soil pollution from chemicals and hazardous materials
Chemical collection, disposal and spills

* 3. How clean do you feel each of the following are for recreational activities, swimming, fishing and boating?

  Extremely clean Very clean Moderately clean Slightly clean Not at all clean
Public buildings
Green spaces

* 4. How environmentally safe do you feel the following are for recreational activities, swimming, fishing and boating?

  Extremely safe Very safe Moderately safe Slightly safe Not at all safe
Public buildings
Green spaces

* 5. How supportive are you about the City redeveloping polluted properties where chemicals exist so they are environmentally safe?

* 6. How important is it for the City to manage and dispose of hazardous materials properly?

* 7. Which of the following events are you familiar with? Mark all that apply.

* 8. Which of the following events have you participated in? Mark all that apply.

* 9. How much would you be willing to pay per month to fund programs and services that protect the environment and reduce pollution?

* 10. How well do you think the City protects the environment and reduces pollution?

* 11. How well do you think the city's environmental programs compare to other cities' environmental programs?

* 12. Should the City do more to inspect facilities or operations to ensure environmental compliance?

* 13. Should the City do more to monitor air quality and water quality?

* 14. Should the City issue citations to facilities or operations to correct environmental violations?

* 15. In the space below, please provide additional comments regarding the environment in Fort Worth.

* 16. What is your age?

* 17. Select the race or ethnic group you identify with. (Please select all that apply.)

* 18. How many people including yourself live in your household?

* 19. How much total combined money did all members of your household earn last year?

* 20. How long have you lived in Fort Worth?

* 21. In what ZIP code is your home located? (Enter a 5 digit ZIP code: for example 76103)