1. Tell us more about your leave.

You are missed! Please tell us what you have been up to during your leave from SAIC, so that we can update our records. Thank you for your response.

* 1. Have you been employed while on leave?

* 2. Have you traveled while on leave?

* 3. Have you taken classes outside of SAIC in order to transfer the credits back to your SAIC degree program?

* 4. Did you transfer to another school in order to complete a degree at that school?

* 5. If you are working on a degree or have completed a degree at the school that you transferred to, what type of degree and what major?

* 6. Do you plan to return to SAIC?

* 7. Do you want us to change your status from leave of absence to discontinued from your SAIC degree program? Please note: Once a year we reach out to those students who are on leave of absence status to encourage them to return to SAIC. We will not contact those students who have been discontinued from their degree programs.