2017-18 Junior Course Registration


* 1. Enter your name, using the "lastname, firstname" format. Example: Smith, John.  Or, in the case of our favorite Roughrider:  Roosevelt, Teddy.

Have your worksheet and instructions handy as you fill out the survey. As you enter your choices, please enter the NAMES of your selected courses into the boxes below exactly as they appear on the Junior Course list. All Juniors must select a Language Arts class, a Social Studies class, and a math class.
If you still need assistance, visit one of the Registration Labs taking place the week of March 6th - 9th in room 110A (before or after school).

* 2. Graduation requirement: Language Arts - Questions 2, 3, and 4 are for you to choose your LA class.  You should fill in the boxes for only one of these three questions.  If you select AP Lang & Comp, please enter that course name in the box below.  If you are not taking APLA, please leave this box blank and proceed to question 3 or 4 below.

* 3. If you are choosing the College in the High School program for your Junior year, please enter the course names from the course list in your order of preference below.  If you are not requesting one of the CIHS courses, please leave these boxes blank and proceed to question 4.

* 4. If you are requesting LA Options courses for your Junior year, please enter your 1st choice for both semesters then enter alternates for both semesters in the boxes below.

* 5. Graduation Requirement: Math - Enter course name from the worksheet that is the next course in the sequence or is recommended by your current math teacher.

* 6. Graduation requirement: Social Studies - You must select one from the following two options:
               1.  US History
               2.  AP US History
Please enter the name of your selection below.  If you enter AP US History, you must turn in the signed contract located on the back of your option worksheet.  If you don't, you'll will be registered for regular US History.

At this point, you've entered the required courses. Now you can choose some additional classes. You need to enter at least 6 more to fill your schedule. (If you are planning on taking a Science, World Language or any other year-long course, remember these will each count for two.)

* 7. Recommended: Science - Enter the name of the course from your worksheet.

* 8. Optional: World Language - Enter the name of the course below from your worksheet.

Electives - Count up what you've entered so far.  You need a total of 6 year-long courses (remember, 1 year-long course is 2 semester courses).  Please use the following as a guide:
* If you are requesting LA, Social Studies, Math, Science, and World Language courses - you'll need 2 or 3 semester electives
* If you are requesting LA, Social Studies, Math, and Science courses - you'll need 4 or 5 semester electives
* If you are requesting LA, Social Studies, and Math - you'll need 6 or 7 semester electives

Please enter the course names for your electives below in question #9, making sure that your schedule is full.  (Do not list extra electives beyond the amount needed for a full schedule and do not list your alternates here.  That will cause problems with building your schedule.)  Then, skip down to question #10 and enter the course names of the alternate electives that you've chosen.

* 9. Electives  - Enter the names of your electives from the upper grid on your worksheet.  Only enter the names of electives needed to give you a full 6 period schedule for both semesters.  Do not enter the name of a course that you have already entered (for example:  an alternate for Science.  You should have already entered that in question #7.)  Do not enter alternate electives here.  You will do that in question #10.


* 10. This is where you should enter the names of your alternate electives.  Please enter 4 to 6 courses.

Now that you've entered your courses, you are almost there!  If any of your requests require a signature, be sure to get that signature on your worksheet and turn that in to the Registrar's Office (room 101C).  If you are requesting AP US History, be sure to turn in the signed contract to the Registrar's Office.  Once all the requests are entered into the computer, you'll receive a printout of all your requests sometime in early May.  You'll have a chance to review what's been entered for you and you can check to make sure everything is correct.  Click the "Done" button below and you will be finished!