Thank You

Thank You for taking this brief survey that will help improve BMP Education for 
NEW HAMPSHIRE CODE OF ADMINISTRATIVE RULE Env-Wq 401Env-Wq 401 REQUIRED BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES FOR GROUNDWATER PROTECTION for local businesses and facilities in the future.  Your candidness is appreciate for this anonymous survey.

As a business/facility owner with regulated substances of five gallon or more:

* 1. I was aware of state regulations for hazardous fluid storage/management prior to this survey.

* 2. I have been surveyed by the NH Department of Environmental Services for BMPs.

* 3. I was aware of our proximity to drinking water supply areas prior to receiving this information.

* 4. What type of human activity do you feel poses the greatest threat to drinking water in the area?

* 5. What does your business/facility need to improve to comply with state regulations for fluid storage and handling?

* 6. What assistance do you need or would like in order to meet these state regulations?


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