* 1. In what City, Village, or Township do you live?

* 2. What do you like most about Jefferson County? what are the County's most valuable assets and biggest "selling points" for residents and businesses?

* 3. Looking out for the future (over the next 20 years), what are the most critical things to plan for today - major planning and development issues? (list up to 3)

* 4. What are the most important things (up to three) you would include in your "ideal" vision of Jefferson County twenty years from now?

* 5. Do you have any other comments about Jefferson County and future growth and development?

* 6. About how long have you lived in Jefferson County?

* 7. What is your name and email address (OPTIONAL)?

* 8. If you wish to be entered in a prize drawing, what is your name and a phone number were you can be reached?