After adoption of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan in 2017, the Shoreline Parks and Recreation department is evaluating 13 parks throughout the city in consideration of future improvements. With your help, we can better understand how the community uses these spaces and what improvements you would like to see. Those who are unable to attend the Open House on December 13th, 2017, but want to have input on the development of their parks, are encouraged to take this survey.

The 13 parks under design review:

The 13 parks under design review:

* 1. When you visit a park, do you typically enjoy passive activities (walking, observing nature, picnicking e.t.c.) or active activities (using playgrounds, playing sports, e.t.c.)?

* 2. Of the following amenities, which would you like to see more of in Shoreline parks? Select up to 5 total.

* 3. How important are the following factors in prioritizing which parks to improve?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Undecided / No Preference Somewhat unimportant Very Unimportant
Equitable distribution of park improvements
Improvement of existing facilities
Adding new activities / facilities
Cost efficiency
Vegetation management and natural restoration
Increasing tree canopy
Crime prevention
Increasing public art

* 4. Please finish the following sentence:
I use Shoreline parks most for ...

* 5. Please list any additional comments or other ideas for improvements in the space below.

* 6. Please list your age and the neighborhood where you live: