1. Healthcare Preferences

The objective of the survey is to find out what participants value in their healthcare.

Your opinions will be combined with information from other partcipates in the survey. Because you are not asked to provide your name in the survey, your responses are completely anonymous - there is NO WAY for you to be identified and thus you will NOT in any way be linked to reports based on this survey.

The survey will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Your honesty is very important. Thank you very much for your participation.

* 1. Please answer the following questions from your perspective.

  Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
I access the internet daily.
I would likely follow a nutrition and wellness plan if offered by my physician.
I would use the internet to make appointments for physician visits.
I would be willing to change my physician.
I would be willing to see a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner instead of a doctor if it saved time.
There are little to no limitations in doctor visits.
I consider myself to be technology savvy.
Having access to my medical records is not important to me.
Computers are useful for managing healthcare.
I am not satisfied with my current physician.

* 2. Please rate your level of comfort with the following.

  Extremely Uncomfortable Somewhat Uncomfortable Neutral Somewhat Comfortable Very Comfortable
Entering medical information on a computer instead of filling out forms.
Working with new technology.
Consulting my physician using the internet.

* 3. Please rate the following attributes of a healthcare provider in terms of how important they are to you. The total of all attributes must add up to 100.

* 4. Are there any additional attributes of a healthcare provider that you value that were not included in the previous question? (i.e., Valet Parking)

* 5. How long have you been with your current physician?

* 6. How far is your current physician from your home?

* 7. What is your average current wait time to see a physician during your visit?

* 8. On average, please estimate the following:

* 9. How many times have you been to a walk-in clinic in the past 12 months.

* 10. For a common illness or a follow up visit, would you prefer to use a web visit or telephone visit as opposed to a trip to the doctor's office?

  Yes No No Preference
Web Visit
Telephone Visit

* 11. Would you prefer a male or female physician?

* 12. What is your preferred age for a physician?

* 13. What type of primary health insurance coverage do you have?