Fall 2011

Dear Murrayhill Recreation Association Members,

We are interested in your feedback regarding aspects of our facilities, programs, and staff. Your input will help direct our efforts to provide quality facilities, programs, and a high level of service.

Please note that your responses are completely anonymous and are highly valued.


The Murrayhill Board of Directors


* 1. In the last 12 months, how often have you used the Home Town Center?

* 2. What would make you use the HTC more frequently?

* 3. Which events/activities would you participate?

* 4. If you do not participate in events/activities in this neighborhood, why not?

* 5. Please rate your experience with the following

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Unacceptable
Aquatics Programs
Swim Team
HomeTown Center Facility
HomeTown Center Rental Process
HomeTown Center Fees
Board Of Directors
Propery Manager
Aquatics Director
Aquatics Staff

* 6. What changes would most improve our community?

* 7. Please provide any additional comments regarding the Murrayhill Recreation Association.