1. Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards Public Comment Survey 2021

Welcome to the public comment survey for the review of Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).  We appreciate your participation in this part of the revision process.  Your feedback is vital to the revision of Ohio's ELDS.  This survey will close in 30 days.

The ELDS documents and a Complete Set of ELDS Excel document are available to help you with your review.  Please be thorough with your feedback and as specific as possible.  The ELDS Advisory Group will read all feedback and determine which comments and suggestions will be sent to the Writing Work Groups for revising the standards in each domain.

Note: This survey is best reviewed on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet.  You may review the survey, save your progress and come back to finish the survey at a later time. SurveyMonkey will not collect personal information; it is completely anonymous aside from saving your IP address which will not be used for any purpose of this review.

Click on the links below to open the PDF version of each domain to read and review the standards.

Social and Emotional Development
Approaches Toward Learning
Cognitive Development and General Knowledge
Language and Literacy Development
Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
Complete Set of ELDS in Excel (need link)

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* 2. If you are an educator, please indicate the general typology of the area where you work. Typology of Ohio School Districts.

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* 3. If you are a current teacher, please check all age bands that you teach (choose one or more).

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* 4. If applicable, please select your program's licensing agency.

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