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* 1. Here are some possible new features for IEB.

Please prioritize as many as you care to, where 1=high priority and 5=low.

You can use the second question to suggest features not here. THANK YOU!

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Animate quakes
Select color schemes for depth
User-creatable color scheme for depth
Day / night Terminator Line option
Population density overlay option
Nuclear reactors overlay option
Background (5 years) seismicity overlay option
Heat map aka "X-ray" vision for small or hidden quakes and swarms
Intelligent auto-scale of quake circle sizes
User-controllable scale of quake circle sizes
Export quakes to NetCDF format
Export quakes to WEED format
Allow higher limit (e.g. up to 20,000) of quakes
Allow external contribution of datasets and sources such as via web services
Lesson plans that coordinate with set regions and topics
Submit bookmarks to appear on new topics page with voting
3DV highlights a quake of interest if passed
3DV allows compression/expansion of depth (Z) of quakes, so that small or deep selections are better viewed
3DV shows quake info tooltips if hover over quakes
3DV can search for the best viewing angle (e.g. a plane in the data)
3DV animate quakes command
3DV displays region name, if it is present, to identify dataset

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* 2. Other features or suggested changes: