Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey. Whether you’re an artist or arts enthusiast, we’re glad to have your input on designing an artist residency program that meets the needs of our community! We’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board for funding this pilot program, and Chrissy and Kyle of Sparkbox Studio for their mentorship and generosity.

* 1. How would you define your participation in the arts community? 

* 2. How would the opportunity to participate in a printmaking residency impact your artistic practice or your involvement in the arts community?

* 3. If you were to attend a program at Articulate Ink facilitated by a resident artist, what would interest you the most? Choose all that apply 

* 4. If you were to apply for a residency at Articulate Ink, what length would appeal to you the most?

* 5. What times of the year would be the most convenient to participate in an artist residency? Choose all that apply.

* 6. If you were to apply for an artist residency at Articulate Ink, which of the following opportunities would be most important to you? [rank in order from most important to least important]

  Very important Important Somewhat Important Less important Least important
Opportunity to exhibit finished work publicly
Lockable, private space to work in
Ability to interact with other artists working in the studio
Access to feedback from local artists through casual critique sessions

* 7. As an artist participating in the residency, what level of interaction / supervision do you feel would be most appropriate? Keep in mind, each artist will receive a thorough orientation at the start of the residency and have the ability to contact staff at any time during. 

* 8. What methodologies would be most of interest to you as a potential resident artist? Choose all that apply.

* 9. How far in advance would you need notification in order to take part in a residency?

* 10. Do you think it’s critical to have in-person interaction with the public as part of an artist residency?