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GNV Helmet Strong is a Gainesville, Florida (Alachua County) bicycle helmet safety encouragement initiative that stems from the desire of a local area bicycle safety community volunteer and education professional, Jonathan Coron.

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The purpose for this community bicycle helmet encouragement/outreach campaign is to connect with community activity centers such as schools, recreation centers, private/government agencies, etc. and agree to a bicycle helmet safety signage (banners/yard signs/posters) with an associated image/logo to show support for bicycle helmet safety.

The City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program has implemented a pilot project to roll out a phase one to guide others who may want to carry on with further phases. This effort could be spread around the state to impact unique outreach in our time of COVID-19 social distancing.

HELMET STRONG” is the phase one implementation provided by the City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program. We are looking for entities to join the effort either by joining as:

*SUPPORTER* - listing your entity/agency/office /group name on our materials as a show of support for this education & encouragement outreach.
*PARTNER* - agreeing to have your associated photo/group photo branded on materials for banner, poster and yard sign materials.