* 1. How comfortable and welcome did you feel at Orientation? (Orientation is the time you registered for GED class and learned all the requirements of the program.)

* 2. When I left Orientation…

* 3. If you where confused about certain parts of the orientation, please explain what parts.

* 4. Students are made to feel welcome at Project Learn.

* 5. The staff at Project Learn is caring and helpful.

* 6. Class times are convenient for me.

* 7. Please rate your teachers on the following

  Unacceptable Poor Fair Good Excellent
Well organized
Communicates clearly
Understands subject matter
Explains material
Uses a variety of teaching methods
High expectations for all students
Treats students equally
Respects different cultures
Is patient and takes time for students

* 8. Mark the three most important qualities for teachers.

* 9. Which classes do you attend?

* 10. Please tell us any concerns or ideas you may have to help us improve.