Thanks for choosing to take part in the test and evaluation of the Privacy Flag tools. This test is regarding Privacy Flag app. The Privacy Flag smartphone application allows users to obtain information on potential privacy risks coming from the installed applications in their Android-OS powered mobile phones and tablets.

Note: this app currently does not work in iOS and Windows smartphones.

Here, we will give you an overview of different parts of the Privacy Flag app.

First, when you enter the Privacy Flag app, you will see a questionnaire regarding different app permissions. Please answer this question. It will help us to improve our app.

The apps in your phone are considered privacy friendly or not based on the analysis conducted by the Privacy Flag system, an analysis which includes both input gathered by technical enablers and by exploiting the power of crowdsourcing data from the end-users

The bar in the bottom of the Privacy Flag app shows the apps that are privacy friendly, not privacy friendly and unevaluated.

When you select an app, you see more detail about its permissions. (note: this feature is for Android 6 and above)

Next, we want you to choose an app within the Privacy Flag app and evaluate it using 'Provide My Evaluation' which you will answer some questions within the app. Please repeat this evaluation for  5-10 apps.

when you have done this, please answer a short questionnaire by clicking on 'Next' below.